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Knowledge through Travel

Travel could be a means of knowing more about oneself, relaxing, seeing the world or indulging your senses. It could mean all this and more. This blog is a reflection of a journey- through life, of comradeship, solidarity, love, and friendship. It might inspire you to undertake an adventure or share yours or feel good about your arm chair. In any case, let the fun begin!

Our travel tales usually result in reactions of disbelief, bewilderment, and envy. From “can’t you guys take any normal vacations” to “can we join you next time?” they run the gambit. Here is a peek into some of our memorable adventures.

Caveat: This is not supposed to replace a guidebook or provide authoritative information. This is a subjective account, colored by our perceptions. We are physically active, like to venture off the beaten path, celebrate other cultures, and indulge in local cuisines. So take this for what it is-our personal journey.